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So that we understand one another

Western riders have their own specific vocabulary, which includes accessories. So that we can be sure we are speaking the same language, you can find the most important specialist terms, measurements and abbreviations here:

The saddle tree

The core of every Western saddle is the tree, characterised by its material, angulation and position. The common tree types are as follows:

SQ (= Semi Quarter):

Narrow cavity for narrow (steep) shouldered horses, such as Welsh, Arab, Icelanders, thoroughbreds etc.

Q (= Quarter (Regular):

Medium cavity for horses with average quarter horse build, such as young quarter horses, trotters, young and sport Haflingers, Arab crossbreeds, riding ponies such as Connemaras, Highlands, New Forests, Freibergers etc.

FQ (= Full Quarter):

Wide cavity for “broad (round) shouldered” horses such as quarter horses, paints, baroque types etc.

XFQ (= Extra Full Quarter):

Extra wide cavity for heavy horse types such as coldblood breeds, Shires, Haflingers, tinkers etc.

RS (= Round skirt saddles):

For horses with a very short saddle area

The seat length

The seat length is decisive for a good and correct seat in the saddle. They should be chosen as follows:



is the average measurement for adults about 180 cm tall


is suitable for slim riders about 170 cm tall


is suitable for slightly built, small people about 160 cm tall

< 15“

is suitable for children and young people

> 16“

is suitable for very large or powerfully built people


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