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The WSB saddle

Experience makes all the difference!

We have been comparing the most varied fits and characteristics of world-renowned saddle-makers and brands for more than 23 years.

Trying a thousand saddles has shown us what requirements a Western saddle should fulfil today for modern Western equestrian sport.

The obvious thing to do was to develop our own saddle using our comprehensive expertise: the WSB saddle.
We can therefore offer you a light, smart, all-round Western saddle in various designs.

Our WSB saddles are manufactured by hand and using only high quality Italian leather.
Equi-fit und Equi-flex by Steele are used as saddle trees.
Fit, materials and functionality are carefully selected.

The WSB saddle is obtainable exclusively from Westernsattel-Börse, from € 1.500,- !
We would be happy to consider special requests, your own ideas and individual requirements during manufacture.

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