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Trying the saddles
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If you’re looking for a Western saddle, you have four options:

Firstly: You can come and try the saddles at Westernsattel-Börse. It’s best to bring your horse, so that the fit of various saddles can be tried directly. You will be given expert advice, a huge selection, a riding arena belonging to our establishment and a comprehensive service. So that we really can keep our promises, please make an appointment. Trying a saddle at Westernsattel-Börse in Solingen costs 50.- Euro. If you buy a saddle, this sum will be offset against the price.

Secondly: We will come to you to try a saddle on your horse. Trying a saddle on site costs 100.- Euro for one horse, and half the fee payable for each additional horse. Travelling costs will be 0.50 Euro / km from Solingen. We offer this service to a maximum radius of 80 km. Appointment enquiries here

Thirdly: You can come to an advisory session at Westernsattel-Börse, without your horse. We will put together a selection of possible saddles using photos you can bring with you and a description of your horse. You can then take the saddles home with you for a short period against payment of a deposit.

To make an accurate selection, we need these photos of your horse.

Fourthly: You can use our mailing service. In an ideal case, you will already know which model of saddle your horse needs. We will then send it for you to try.

We hope you understand that saddles sent in this way can only be supplied against payment in advance or PayPal. You may return the saddle, of course, within one week. Order form here.

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